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A Convenient Solution:

It's not always an easy task being a student. You have assignment deadlines, have to worry about your living arrangements, and all whilst trying to keep a social life.

But, we understand.

No one wants to add any more stress to their lives than what is already there.

How We Can Help: 

  • Our location is easily accessible 
  • A simple way to unload your unwanted items
  • A safe and secure solution 


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A Flexible Approach:

Our flexible approach to storage allows you to access your unit whenever you feel it necessary to do so and without any questions being asked.

We know that your personal belongings are yours and important to you. This is why every one of our Storage Containers comes available with a CCTV system and Lock attached to encourage your trust in us and our service.

Need more convincing? 

What We Offer:

  • Access to your Unit at all times
  • Great Reception Service 
  • Upgrades are available if needed
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An Affordable Option:

At WMHStorage, we get that as a student, money is limited and is needed for necessities like food and living arrangements, so having a budget, and wanting to make savings where ever possible, is a given.

That is why our student plan enables you to benefit and utilise our services, whilst still allowing you to have money remaining for things that truly matter.

Anything to make life that bit easier!

Our Storage Option:

  • Flexible Student Payment Schemes
  • Simple to use drop off and collect service
  • No tied down to contracts
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Access, great security features, receptionist facilities to help with any enquiries and flexibility should you need to upgrade/downgrade at any point.  Order Now

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