Household Storage

With daily tasks needing to be done, and with children running around, it can become quite a difficult task keeping up with the clutter forming around you.

You Need:

  • Safe, reliable and effective storage rooms
  • Tidy, organised and ideal Units for moving home
  • perfect space for treasured and prized possessions



Business Storage

As your business begins to expand and deadlines become more prevalent, it can be easy to lose yourself behind the files and equipment building up at your desk.

You Need:

  • The right space for your unused office equipment
  • A great place to store additional stock
  • A chance to keep confidential files safe and secure



Student Storage

With studies underway, time and energy can be taken up very quickly, leaving no chance for even a second to worry about the unnecessary items being left lying around.

You Need:

  • Drop off and collect items as and when necessary 
  • A trusted environment to house your things
  • A chance to get a weight taken off your chest.


Storage rooms are the best value for money!

Not only are they spacious and affordable, but the storage rooms at WMH Storage come with many benefits, such as;

• Excellent security
- With a personalised and effective lock and CCTV system, we can guarantee nothing but safety and security for all your items.

• Helpful reception
- Our staff are always on hand and available to help and assist you with any queries you may have

• Great accessibility
- You are given a full, 24 hour access to your unit and within a perfect location with many access routes.

• Amazing Flexibility
- You are able to change your Storage Unit whenever it suits you and your storage needs.

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