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Frequently asked questions

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If you have forgotten a password, or your current one isn't working with your account, you are given the option to change it. In order do so, you have to go the login page, click on 'Forgotten Password' and then follow the instructions given. 
If you wish to sign up to use our website and reserve a Unit online, you can go to the 'Register an account' page and set up using your details. You will then need to follow the instructions given, including to confirm your email address with us before carrying on. Once done, you are then able to use our website and all of the features available with it. 
If you no longer need your account or no longer wish to use it, you can delete your account by going to your settings, and then clicking the 'deactivate account' button provided. It will then ask you to confirm you want to delete the account. However, if you then decide to return to the site, we give you 30 days to log in before being permanently being deleted.
To edit any information, you will need to go to the 'My Profile' page, click 'edit profile' and then change any details needed. Once done, this will need to be saved before closing, for changes to be properly made and accepted. 


All Storage Units are installed with a state of the art CCTV and Lock System, as well as having staff available at all times to ensure your unit is being watched and looked after, in case of a problem. 

To ensure the safety and security of your possessions, the only person with access is the keyholder of the Unit.

Yes, if permission is given by the owner/keyholder, something may be arranged. However, this will be at the discretion and liability of the Unit owner. 

Each container will have a lock attached. You can choose to use your own padlock or one we provide to you. We will not hold keys or codes to any of the rooms, nor do we have any master keys for any of the locks so only you have access to your room.

Never. All information given will be kept confidential and between us and you at all times! At no point will that information be shared with any third parties or other users of the service.

All information will be kept safely by us and will never be released to anyone unless permission is given beforehand.

Our top of the line and very up to date CCTV systems and locks are attached to each unit and watched constantly by us and our staff. We can ensure nothing but safety for your possessions. 


We have several options available to you, from van hire to using your own car if you feel it necessary. Whatever your preferred method, we will help cater to you and make the process as easy as possible.

This can be arranged, however, we would require notice through contact, at least a week in advance. Please contact us via email or phone to discuss and make arrangements, if this is what is needed. 


All of our units come at a standard price of £130 including VAT. This is just a base price which may change due to the type of Unit chosen.

Your first payment can be made on site using either credit or debit card when you begin using our facilities.
Ongoing payments will then be processed automatically by direct debit as they fall due.

We offer affordable insurance as part of our service, but should you already have insurance to cover your items in storage, you are more than welcome to use that. However, we will still need details of your insurance for on-site purposes.

This will be dependent upon the size of the room needed and rented. For a FREE quote, please click here!

Payment times will differ according to the storage Unit or plan you have opted for.

Yes. If you are a student, we have discounts/payment plans available to help make paying for your Unit, easier for you. Also, we have offers currently available which will allow you to test our service before committing. 


If you have any issues with our service/units, please get in contact with us and let us know the problems you are having. If we can't find a solution which works or is satisfactory for you, a refund can then begin to be arranged for you. 

Yes, a time frame of a week is to be given, as this will allow us time to attempt to find an alternative or solution, before beginning the process of giving a refund. 

About us

Yes. Our helpful staff will be on hand at all times to help in any way that they can shape or form, to answer any queries you may have about our service, as well as to guide you through the entire storing process.  

You can call us during office hours on 0121 6097 080, email us at storage@wmhstorage.com or visit our site directly at:

West Midlands House,

Gipsy Lane,


WV13 2HA

Someone will be ready and waiting to help and answer any question you may have!


At WMHStorage we believe in making the storing process as easy and simple as is possible, by: 

1) Helping you choose your Unit

2) Reserving it online/Booking on site

3) Signing the contract

4) Setting up your payment plan

5) Dropping off and storing your possessions

6) Making your first payment

We will provide you with a lock, which you can attach to your Unit and a key which can then be used every time you visit the container. These belong to you and only you, leaving you as the only person who has then got access in the future.  

If you need more space or maybe need less room than originally expected, we can upgrade or downsize your Unit as and when necessary. All we require is prior notice of this change, in order to do so and find the right container for you.  

When you are ready to give back your room, submit 7 days written notice, turn up, empty the contents of your Unit and finally, sign off at the reception. If you have been provided with a lock, it will need to be returned with the keys, to the main reception area.

You can visit your container at any time throughout the day. You are given full access to it and the belongings within.

Yes. We currently have a range of Storage unit sizes available, allowing you to find the right space needed for all of your storage needs. 

We offer FREE packaging boxes to all of our storage clients, see HERE for more details.

Yes. Just let us know in advance and we can then find you another unit which will be more suited to you and your needs.

There is not a limit given, as we offer both temporary and permanent storage solutions. The amount of time needed is completely up to you and what you will need the container for. 

You are able to delete your own review if you feel it necessary and you are given the option to edit if you wish to do so.

If in doubt about the size needed for your unit, you can visit or phone us directly, and one of our staff will be able to help you decide, based on the different factors involved.
Alternatively, You can use our size estimators, which are designed to help you work out the space you will need.

Only the insurance for your belongings. However, there is also an option so you can use an existing insurance policy if it offers cover for your things whilst in a storage facility.
If you opt for your own insurance, we will need to see some form of evidence of this before carrying on with the storing process. 

Flammable, toxic or anything that may lead to illegal action will be forbidden from being stored.